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Opus IVS is a tech Company specializing in remote diagnostics, ADAS calibration, and reprogramming products and services. Nearly 400 employees including 150 technicians, 7 offices in 3 countries. Served as President since formation of Opus IVS.

Past Jobs


Autologic is a European scantool and remote services provider specializing in complex European vehicles. Led the 2017 Autologic acquisition by Opus and served as CEO as Autologic became an integrated part of Opus IVS


Diagnostic Network is a community for technicians and professionals in the automotive, collision, and heavy-duty service markets. A place to engage with your peers and industry partners, move your career to the next level,.


AutoEnginuity develops class leading diagnostic software covering over 50 brands in the US and European markets. Led the 2020 AutoEnginuity acquisition by Opus and served as CEO as AutoEnginuity became an integrated part of Opus IVS


Farsight is a high tech remote services provider offering technicians live, real time support from factory trained experts. Led the 2017 Farsight acquisition by Opus and served as CEO as Farsight became an integrated part of Opus IVS


Bluelink is a remote technology company that developed the first way to virtually connect a VCI over the internet. Led the 2019 Bluelink acquisition by Opus and served as CEO as Bluelink became an integrated part of Opus IVS


ETI’s Mission is to advance the vehicle service industry by providing technical data and open dialog between the manufacturers of transportation products, government regulators and the providers of tools, equipment and service information. Served on the executive board for many years and become President during key time for ETI’s transition into future state


Drew Technologies became instrumental in the development of SAE J2534, a standard that allowed everyone in the world access to the same diagnostic systems as car dealerships. In 2015 Drew Technologies was acquired by Opus, served as shareholder for nearly 10 years and eventually President as Drew Technologies became a part of Opus IVS


e-Motion was a software company that developed digital displays for data logging and graphic display. Most well known products were the DashDAQ and nGauge. Served as co-founder during the startup for e-Motion

General Manager

SCT has become the leader in custom vehicle calibrations and software for vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, and optimization. Served as General manager during startup period and led SCT to launch it’s first set of products including the XCalibrator


Apten developed and launched Supercharger Porting products, initially for Ford Lightning and Mustang Cobra. Later expanded to create supercharger kits and other custom electronics. Served as the President and sole owner of the company until it was later acquired.



As a co-founder of Drew Technologies, our company helped the industry achieve standardized dealer diagnostics.

I personally played an active role in Right-to-Repair, ensuring everyone has access to full vehicle diagnostics.

I became General Manager of SCT, during its startup phase, and helped that company bring flash tuning and DIY vehicle calibration mainstream.
By litigating against the biggest companies and winning, I have helped re-shaped patent case law to protect overreach.
I was a co-inventor of the first user configurable LCD Gauge Display, launched at SEMA 2007 called DashDAQ. This technology has spread throughout the industry and into production cars.
I led the acquisition of Autologic and AutoEnginuity which today, under the Opus IVS Umbrella deliver remote diagnostic assistance using dealer trained technicians.
I was co-inventor of remote programming under Opus IVS (known as RAP), allowing remote software updates of vehicles.

The company I run (Opus IVS) helps scan vehicles after collisions and assists in ADAS Calibrations that ensures vehicles are safe.

I’ve helped build and recover automotive businesses, from startup to high growth. I now manage nearly 400 employees across 7 offices and 3 continents that touch millions of vehicles per year.

Thru the first company I founded, Apten, I brought supercharger porting to the mainstream for the Ford Cobra and Lightning.

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I've involved my kids as early as possible in automotive and all of my projects. I've been flipping cars forever, and when my 10 year old son asked if he could do one, I let him give it a try. He bought the car and helped me swap the engine. He fit easily into those hard to reach places too!

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Right to Repair was a law passed nearly 10 years ago that allowed the aftermarket access to all vehicle diagnostic systems, protecting the industry and vehicle owners. Did you know there's nothing like that to protect SEMA members ability to customize vehicles?

red car

8 Second Gen3 CTS-V

I love the V Series. I've owned an STS-V and several Gen2 and Gen3 CTS-V's. But this is by far the fastest. Twin Turbo, 1427RWHP, and 8.90 @ 159MPH.


Nascar Fun

I buy and sell cars for fun, it keeps my life interesting and puts me behind the wheel of some very special machines. One day I came across a Davey Allison Nascar for sale, one that he won several races with



President and CEO of Opus IVS today with almost 400 employees. Former jobs include General Manager of SCT, CEO of Autologic, President of ETI, co-founder of Diagnostic Network, founder of Apten, co-founder of e-Motion and more.


Automotive for Fun

I am a NHRA licensed racer and I've built several of my own cars ranging from restomod to modern direct injected. I have a lift in my garage and there's always a car getting put together or taken apart.


As a hobby, I have a license to buy and sell unique cars, and have been fortunate to spend some time owning and driving everything from Ford prototype cars and Daytona winning Nascars to classic cars crossing the block at Barrett Jackson.