About Me

Changes in the industry I’ve
played a role in

Modernizing Performance Tuning

When I was only 23 years old I managed SCT during their startup days. I led their company to develop new products and was responsible for many new things such as their first flash tuner, the XCAL 1. This was the beginning of performance tuning in the flash programming era.

Standardizing Vehicle Diagnostics

I joined Drew Tech, became a co-owner, and helped Mike Drew build a company that helped design and pioneer the J2534 standard for reprogramming and later OEM diagnostics.

Access to OEM Diagnostics

After J2534 was standardized by DrewTech, I contributed to writing and the successful passage of Right to Repair laws in Massachusetts first in 2012 and then again in 2020. I am also involved in the federal repair act

The Digital Gauge Movement

17 years ago I co-invented the first user configurable touch screen LCD digital gauge, DashDAQ. This was patented and in the past decade the technology has shown up in several race dashes and production car configurable dashboards.

Stopping Patent Trolls

Helped lead the legal defense in a winning case against a large patent troll, invalidating their patent and creating case law that is still use.

Innovations in Vehicle repair

Named inventor on over 100 patents pending ranging from remote vehicle repair to expert remote assistance. 100 Patents Video | How We Innovate Video

Porting Superchargers

First to prove supercharger porting worked for the 03-04 Cobras under my business Apten

Startup and Growth of Companies

Founded and/or led several businesses today that have sustainable impact on vehicle modification and repair

My Job as CEO at Opus IVS


Opus IVS is a global leader in diagnostics, remote tech services, ADAS calibration, and product design/manufacturing

We have over 400 employees on 3 continents

Our Mission

To help the automotive industry support complex vehicles

Our core values

  • Customer Focus
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Results

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  • Current: CEO and founder Opus IVS.
  • Past: President Drew Technologies, General Manager SCT, Founder Apten, CoFounder Diagnostic Network


Government Engagement

  • BAR, EPA, CARB, NHTSA, Congress.
  • Autocare Government Affairs Committee
  • I/M Solutions
  • Involved in Right to Repair, Repair Act, OBD, J2534


Industry Involvement

  • SEMA - ETTN, TORA, MPMC, PRO, AMRO, HIRA, PAC, Scholarship Judge.
  • SAE and Autocare committee member.
  • Current Board member of ETI and I-CAR.
  • Presenter at CES.


Work Experience

  • Mechanical Repair
  • Collision Repair
  • Vehicle modification
  • calibrations
  • Rrestomods
  • superchargers
  • Remote diagnostics
  • EV
  • autonomous vehicles
  • Alternative fuels - hybrid, Hydrogen, CNG, etc.


OEM Relationships

  • Long-term key relationships with managers and execs across all major brands.
  • Helped implement OEM essential diagnostic programs at dealerships
  • Involved in several global recall campaigns
  • Work with OEMs on right to repair, diagnostic data access, and future serviceability of vehicles


Technology Experience

  • Patents I’m an inventor on 100 patents
  • Successful innovations I’ve been a part of. Ported Supercharger, SCT Advantage, SCT XCAL1/2 CarDAQ, Mongoose, DashDAQ, nGauge, nDash, RAP, DriveCrash, DriveSafe, DrivePro, DriveClean, IMclean, IMready, ADAS MAP, QuickADAS, Copilot Remote/Mobile, Remote Diagnostics, SAE J2534, OE R2R Access


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MY car hobby

  • NHRA Licensed Racer
  • Building Restomod cars and Flipping cars
  • Favorites: 2016 CTSV (1400RWHP), 96 Mystic Cobra Terminator Swap, Davey Allson Nascar, 1962 Corvette, 75 K5 Blazer LS1, 94 Dodge Viper, Tasca prototype Mark VIII, 69 Camaro 565 big block, 70 Chevelle LS3, 69 International Scout, 71 Feathers Blazer, 77 Chevrolet C10, 95 Thunderbird SC, Shelby GLHS, 95 Cobra R, Audi A4 Truck Conversion, CTS-V Wagon (1100RWPH).
  • Having fun, driving Davey Allion’s Nascar thru Mcdonalds

Aviation Experience

  • I am an instrument rated multi engine pilot
  • Along with flying I enjoy flipping planes:
  • Cessna Skymaster, 414, 421, Conquest II, Citation II
  • Piper Aztec, Cheyenne II
  • Turbo Commander 690
  • King Air 90
  • Eclipse 500
  • Lancair IV-PT
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Other Hobbies, info about me, My Family

  • Grew up in St. Louis, moved to Florida @ 23, now living near Ann Arbor Michigan on a 70 acre farm
  • My Education: University of Missouri – St. Louis MIS Degree. University of Michigan Ross Masters in Business – EMBA
  • Music – Have played drums since High School
  • Construction Hobby – I had a MI builders license and build/fix houses 
  • We love Fireworks –Watch Herron annual fireworks show
  • Family
    • Wife Lori Herron – her winery Business Social Vines 
    • Together we have 5 Kids 15-23 years old