My Supporters

Thank you to my Supporters

While putting together this site and information about my SEMA board mission, I was overwhelmed with the colleagues, friends, and industry leaders who stepped up to support me. Below are some statements from just a few

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John WarAniak

SAE Fellow, Have Blue Designs
former SEMA VP of Technology

Brian Herron is a proven industry leader that can help drive SEMA and the Performance Aftermarket to next-level growth and innovation. Vehicle technology makes and moves markets. Brian’s leadership, experience, and industry relationships, particularly in ADAS and safety performance compliance, will help SEMA Members understand the latest technologies impacting their businesses as well as provide pathways to essential information, services and resources for the SEMA Board and Members to capitalize on new product development opportunities.


JR Granatelli

Granatelli Motorsports
I’ve worked with Brian Herron for several years dating back to the early ‘2000’s. In that time I have know him to be focused, task and goal driven. I and Granatelli Motor Sports enthusiastically support Mr. Herron for a SEMA Board seat. His Skill sets make him uniquely qualified for this exact position.
Returned SVP Govt Affairs,

Aaron Lowe

Returned SVP Govt Affairs

Brian Herron was an integral part of the industry’s successful efforts to enact right to repair laws in Massachusetts in 2012 and 2020; as well as a ballot initiative that was enacted in Maine in 2023. Specifically, his contributions were invaluable in the drafting of the legislation; and in providing real world evidence that is both understandable and compelling to legislators regarding the need for a right to repair.  His value to the effort continues after enactment through his help in ensuring compliance with the laws by the vehicle manufacturers.
Consumers and the independent aftermarket owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his unselfish willingness to contribute his time and expertise to right to repair efforts.  I believe his strong commitment to the growth and health of the independent aftermarket combined with his extensive technical knowledge of motor vehicle engineering would make him a valuable member for the SEMA Board of Directors.


Alex Parker

President – Redline
SEMA Launchpad Judge

Brian is a smart, motivated, visionary leader with the passion for our industry to accomplish great things


Jerry Wroblewski

Found of SCT

I have known Brian for over 20 years.  In that time I have worked with him and he has worked for me.  Throughout those 20 years there have been many challenges in this industry that he has faced.  There is no one I would rather have take on those challenges than Brian.  He has tremendous problem solving abilities and isn’t afraid to take on any new challenge, no matter how big or small.  He has been an asset to this industry in many different aspects and has advanced the automotive aftermarket forward more than anyone else I know.  The best part of the last 20 years is that I get to call him a friend, not just a co-worker.


Jeff King

Autometer and Cobb
Brian has the OEM contacts, skills, and forward looking approach that SEMA and the SEMA Board needs to help shape the future of our industry.

Mike Drew

Drew Technologies

SEMA would be hard pressed to find a more passionate and knowledgeable automotive person. Plus, Brian is just an amazing guy all around. He is the most passionate, loyal and smartest guy I know. He gets more done in a day than most people get done in a month!

Racing and Performance


Dustin Whipple

Whipple Superchargers

Brian Herron’s commitment to defending our rights to modify cars is vital for automotive enthusiasts who cherish the freedom to enhance their vehicles. His efforts ensure that we retain the ability to personalize our driving experiences and maintain a vibrant, innovative car culture. Brian’s advocacy is crucial in facing regulations that could restrict our access to modifications, helping to safeguard a tradition that combines creativity, technical skill, and community. Supporting Brian Herron means endorsing a future where our passion for cars and their potential is fully realized.


Justin Starky

VMP Performance

I’ve known Brian Herron for nearly 25 years.  We first met when he owned Apten Performance, then later I actually worked under him at SCT for several years.  From then until now, he has been passionate about the automotive industry.  I cannot think of anyone better equipped to help direct SEMA and the coming issues the performance industry faces.



Dan Millen

Livernois Motorsports

Brian’s integrity with continued involvement in both OEM and automotive aftermarket would make him a natural choice for a position on the SEMA board.



Dan Hourigan

Vice President
Brian is the right mix of a passion driven enthusiast with a unique mix of experience and connections required to solve our industries challenges – now and in the future
Jason Haines

Jason Haines

Director – Nostrum Performance. Former Chief Engineer Lingenfelter
Having known Brian since his days at Drew Technologies, his dedication to the automotive industry has always stood out. With his leadership at Opus IVS and extensive experience in navigating industry complexities, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the SEMA board. His ability to drive innovation, foster OEM relationships, and tackle challenges head-on make him an ideal candidate for advancing SEMA’s mission of promoting growth and innovation within the performance aftermarket.

Ken BjonNes

Palm Beach Dyno

Brian Herron has been a valuable contributor to the performance community for over two decades. What sets Brian apart is his diverse background, which renders him a uniquely qualified asset for any project he undertakes. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated innovation and excellence across various segments. I have no doubt that his expertise and dedication would make him an exceptional addition to the SEMA board.

Greg Banish

Greg Banish

Calibrated Success

Without Brian and his team 20 years ago, we wouldn’t enjoy today’s current level of aftermarket ECU access. As one of the innovators in our industry, he has helped us all grow our businesses into the success we have today. This is the kind of leadership we need at the SEMA Board level.


Brian Plott


I met Brian many years ago when he was part of Drew Technologies. He was part of the group what was developing tools for J2534 flash reprogramming and OEM diagnostics. Brian was a major driver in the development of this technology, which is so widely used throughout the industry today. I have followed Brian over his career and I’ve seen the results of his technical and commercial acumen. Brian has been an active member of ETI and was President of the Board in 2017. Brian’s most recent contribution has been as sponsor for ETI’s Project Sturgeon, which is an expansion effort of the Equipment and Tool Institute to bring it’s unique focus on Aftermarket and OEM data management to the European market.


Through his broad experience, I am confident that Brian would bring significant contributions to the SEMA Board of Directors. 



Retired CEO

I fully support Brian Herron for the SEMA Board. He has a broad and unique perspective on the industry having been an engine tuner, a business owner and a senior manager at Opus, where he is very involved in the right to repair – an issue that is critical to our industry. Brian’s deep experience with hands-on performance in addition to his experience managing large organizations will bring a unique an valuable addition to the SEMA Board.

Tony Gonyon

Tony Gonyon

Technical Sales Manager
HP Tuners

Coming Soon…

Eric Brooks

Eric Brooks

Brooks Speed

I’ve known Brian Herron for nearly 25 years.  We first met when he owned Apten Performance, then later I actually worked under him at SCT for several years.  From then until now, he has been passionate about the automotive industry.  I cannot think of anyone better equipped to help direct SEMA and the coming issues the performance industry faces. 

Diagnostic, Repair, Collision, and ADAS


Dean Fisher

Retired Brand President Driven Brands
As president of Driven Brands Collision we developed a relationship with his company Opus. After I retired, I recruited Brian for the I-Car board and he has proven to be a great asset to the board as he helps to build on the vision and mission of I-Car to supply education and training for the industry. His integrity and personal commitment has been wonderful to observe and I value his continued input and friendship. Brian would be a great addition to the SEMA board, bringing a solid knowledge of industry trends and operational protocol.

Scott Brown

Diagnostic Network
I have had the privilege of knowing and collaborating with Brian for over 15 years on various projects within the automotive industry, and his expertise and dedication have consistently impressed me. Brian is a true enthusiast of the automotive world. His ability to navigate and address the complexities of the market—be it through technological advancements, legislative changes, or economic shifts—makes him uniquely qualified for a role on SEMA’s board. His election to the board would not only bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge but also a passionate advocate for the challenges and opportunities facing SEMA members today.

G Trugelia


I know Brian for years and have seen him demonstrate his efforts to help the automotive and light truck community to move forward. I know he will be an asset to SEMA



Kris Mayer

Retired General Director, Aftersales

I am fortunate to know Brian Herron and recommend him for a Director Role at Specialty Equipment Market Association.  Brian’s passion for performance is evident in his constant desire for horsepower and torque, and he is always thick into several vehicle mods.  Brian understands the specialty and performance market from a commercial aspect relative to aftermarket modifications, diagnostic challenges, as well as ADAS functionality.  He is experienced in developing solutions and problem solving both under the hood and within the workplace, across functions, as well as with industry stakeholders.  

David Stovall

Manager of Diagnostics

Brian has been instrumental in providing diagnostic solutions for Toyota.  From specialized applications that support felid activities to becoming the vehicle interface provider for our Diagnostic Hardware Platform – Techstream, Brian has always delivered.  He would be the clear choice for the SEMA Board.