SEMA Purpose

I’ve been to SEMA for 20 years and I grew up in the industry. It was a real honor to be nominated for the board and I believe that I have the opportunity to lead SEMA thru a danger I see in front of us.

SEMA Board members often have a lot of priorities. I only have one. Use SEMA’s influence to ensure it’s members can continue to customize cars in the future with ADAS Systems.

If we don’t get in front of this, there are very real scenarios where custom wheels, tires, vehicle lifts, paint, wraps, and any modification at all causes these systems to fail and risk the health and safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Unlike the past when SEMA members were reactive to government initiatives thru EPA and CARB, this time SEMA needs to get involved early and influence the design of these systems. 

I feel this is so important, that as a board member, it will be my entire focus. That’s not to say I don’t care about the other issues, but this one can lead to laws that make customization illegal and we have to act now.