SEMA Board Posts

SEMA Board members often have a laundry list of goals and objectives if they get on the board. I only have one. Use SEMA's influence to ensure it's members can continue to customize cars in the future with ADAS Systems.

Let's talk about ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, and why it's critical that SEMA and it's members be involved...

Automotive Posts


I've involved my kids as early as possible in automotive and all of my projects. I've been flipping cars forever, and when my 10 year old son asked if he could do one, I let him give it a try. He bought the car and helped me swap the engine. He fit easily into those hard to reach places too!

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Right to Repair was a law passed nearly 10 years ago that allowed the aftermarket access to all vehicle diagnostic systems, protecting the industry and vehicle owners. Did you know there's nothing like that to protect SEMA members ability to customize vehicles?

red car

8 Second Gen3 CTS-V

I love the V Series. I've owned an STS-V and several Gen2 and Gen3 CTS-V's. But this is by far the fastest. Twin Turbo, 1427RWHP, and 8.90 @ 159MPH.


Nascar Fun

I buy and sell cars for fun, it keeps my life interesting and puts me behind the wheel of some very special machines. One day I came across a Davey Allison Nascar for sale, one that he won several races with



President and CEO of Opus IVS today with almost 400 employees. Former jobs include General Manager of SCT, CEO of Autologic, President of ETI, co-founder of Diagnostic Network, founder of Apten, co-founder of e-Motion and more.


Automotive for Fun

I am a NHRA licensed racer and I've built several of my own cars ranging from restomod to modern direct injected. I have a lift in my garage and there's always a car getting put together or taken apart.

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Aviation Experience

I am an instrument and multi-rated pilot with about 1000 hours of pilot time spread out between jet, turboprop, and piston two including Eclipse 500, Cheyenne, Turbo Commander, Cessna 421/414, Aerostar, and Skymaster.


For a hobby, I am an aircraft broker and have been involved in several interesting aircraft transactions, ranging from

Other Experience Posts

I've co-founded several startup businesses in automotive, ranging from performing electronics to online communities.

Involved in several real-estate projects, including agricultural, residential, and commercial. Most Recently collaborating on a startup vineyard business in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Although not a contractor by trade, I'm a licensed homebuilder and have built my own houses as well as many other projects like pole barns, decks, etc.


While starting my first company, I received a MIS degree at University of Missouri during the evenings. Later I completed a EMBA from University of Michigan Ross, also while working full time.


I've had an interest in Music from an early age, played in the drumline in high school, and still today enjoy playing the drums.